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Home Care for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Home Care Services

Recovery and Rehabilitation Home Health Care

Supporting families and caregivers as they cope with alcohol addiction and recovery.

Who we are

Genesis Recovery and Rehabilitation Home Health Care provides support to families and caregivers as they cope with alcohol addiction and recovery. Genesis Home Health has helped care for hundreds of individuals dealing with recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. It’s very likely that we’ve assisted families in situations very similar to yours.

Genesis Home Health is a licensed agency that is recognized by mental health physicians for its experience and expertise in addressing behavioral health, developmental, and substance addiction issues.

Drawing on many years of experience, Genesis Home Health provides compassionate and comprehensive private home care recovery and rehabilitation services for patients with alcohol and drug addiction issues who require individual, in-home support in order to succeed in recovery.

Why home care?

For many patients, home is the best possible place for addiction recovery and rehabilitation, especially following an inpatient detoxification program. The combination of family, friends and familiar surroundings often provides the most supportive environment for working toward mental and physical health and independent functioning.

What we do

When you call Genesis Home Health, we will listen to you and answer your questions. This conversation is followed by a personal assessment in the privacy and comfort of your own home. You will find out what to expect given your loved one’s situation. We will address your issues and concerns and explain how our home care nurses and other services can assist you. In close cooperation with your family we will build a personalized rehabilitation plan, subject to your doctor’s approval, that meets your loved one’s specific needs.

Addressing addiction’s causes sometimes means facing difficult emotional and psychological issues. As part of our drug and alcohol addiction recovery and rehabilitation services, Genesis Home Health’s home care professionals identify and help patients cope with problems such as anxiety and depression. Genesis Home Health also creates support structures that prevent these underlying issues from leading a client back into addiction.

Our goal is to help patients maintain abstinence, reclaim their feelings of self worth and manage the challenges of an active life without returning to substance dependence.

Specific addiction recovery services includes:

  • case management
  • after-care planning assistance
  • life skills recovery
  • help with recovery networking
  • medication management
  • family and patient education

Comprehensive care

Through our Healthy Mind, Healthy Living program, each patient has access to an interdisciplinary team led by a primary care nurse, who works with the physician and the case management agency to develop a patient-specific plan of care.  (If no case management agency has been assigned, Genesis Home Health handles this service until the patient is referred and accepted by one.)  Patients receive assistance with managing their day-to-day life activities, as well as assessment and management of their addiction recovery needs.

The team communicates regularly to coordinate efforts so the patient’s specific needs are met. In addition, communication with family and caregivers is ongoing. Our goal is to encourage and facilitate your loved one’s addiction recovery while keeping you as informed and involved in the process as we are able.

Since drug and alcohol addiction may be coupled with psychiatric or physical issues, Genesis Home Health provides a comprehensive team approach that provides a full range of coordinated mental and physical care through a single agency. Care management may include home health aid, physical rehabilitation, social work services, skilled nursing, and administering medication.